How to get beamtime

The Canadian Light Source calls for Research Proposals twice per year and beamtimes are scheduled in 6-month cycles.

Beamtime can be accessed

  • Peer-Reviewed Access- proposals are submitted during an open Call for Proposals which is a competitive peer review process and beamtime is granted based on scientific merit (Fee $1 per 8-hour shift).
  • Rapid Access- is a special request outside of the peer-review cycles. It is required that you contact the beamline responsible prior to submitting your proposal (Fee $1 per 8-hour shift).
  • Purchased Access- is through the Industrial Science program with full-service synchrotron access with charge.


Detailed instructions on how to register and manage your account can be found under User Portal Guide. Important information regarding proposal and beamtime requirements are found in this portal.

New users need to be aware and ensure that the User Agreement and Institutional Agreement are up to date.