BioXAS Imaging is entering General User phase

BioXAS Imaging Macro and Micro resolution modes will be in General User phase this upcoming cycle. Important information, such as flux, specifications, setup and sample holder sizes for both modes can be found under Resolution modes and User information on this website. Please contact us if you have questions.

XRF imaging of bumble bees in Macro-mode

Researchers were interested to localize Se contaminant in bumble bees. XRF images were collected with bi-directional fly scanning at 40 μm resolution and 250 ms dwell time. .  

Students from Halifax Grammar School at the beamline

Students were interested in how metals/metalloids are distributed within soft tissue of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis).  

First user at the beamline

Our first user at the beamline collected data in micro-mode to investigate phytoremediation potential of plants grown at mining impacted site.

First XRF images collected in Micro-mode

XRF images representing Ca, Zn, Hg and S distribution in zebrafish. Data were collected as fly scan in micro-mode at 5 μm resolution.

More XRF images collected in Macro-mode

Distribution of Ca, Fe and Zn in fern leaves. XRF images collected  with bi-directional fly scanning at 100 μm resolution and 50 ms dwell time.

More XRF images collected in Macro-mode

Distribution of Mn and Zn in dry leaves at different resolution. XRF images were collected using the macro-mode setup with bi-directional fly scanning and three different beam size defining apertures (20, 50, 150 microns).     

Students at the beamline

Curiosity driven highschool students investigated Cu mine drainage impact on the surrounding environment. Copper uptake in brown algae (Fucus gardneri) were studied using fly scan XRF imaging in Macro-mode.

First XRF images collected in Macro-mode

Although dry leaves could depict an end, but for us this image meant a beginning, a start to contribute to science and knowledge.

BioXAS Imaging 


Multi-mode X-ray fluorescence imaging beamline.




  • Biological Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Cultural Heritage


Examples of research areas


  • Bio-distribution of essential/toxic elements
  • Metals in various brain diseases 
  • Metal-based compounds
  • Metals interaction with organisms in the environment
  • Accumulation, biotransformation, bioremediation




  • X-ray fluorescence imaging (XFI)
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy imaging (XAS Imaging)
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments in situ (μ-XAS)  

  • BioXAS-Imaging Macro and Micro resolution modes are entering General User phase and will be accepting proposals this upcoming cycle.


  • Call for proposal starts July 29, 2020

  • Beamtime will be allocated based on competitive peer review emphasizing the excellence of science

  • Infomation about Call for Proposal deadlines

  • Submit proposals through CLS User Portal

  • Due to the COVID19 pandemic beamline operation is shifting towards remote access and samples will be accepted through mail-in or drop-in in the futur as preventative measures