Before and during beamtime

COVID-19 pandemic constraints

  • Covid-19 restrictions are lifted gradually as the risk of transmission is reduced in our area, more information can be found at user information.
  • Currently, local Saskatchewan users (max of 2) have onsite access with constraints and safety protocols in place to ensure a safe and functional environment in our facility.
  • August 9, 2021 number of local Saskatchewan users allowed to the beamline will increase to 3.
  • September 1 , 2021 outside province users ( max of 3) can have access to the beamline.
  • For now, our international users are only able to run their experiments remotely.
  • Clear communication with beamline staff is an essential step prior to your beamtime to ensure the followings: beamline setup specific requirements; samples are organized; shipped/dropped off according to the internal CLS guidelines; and how your data will be collected. Please never hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need clarifications.

CLS guidelines for sample shipment

Sample shipment

  • International users must ship their samples following the instructions below.
  • The sample list within the package must also contain the following essential information: To/From Names, Beamline: BioXAS-Imaging; Beamline staff contact information; Proposal permit number; Sample list with clear naming; Storage specifications; Sample handling instructions.
  • Ship your approved sample prior to your scheduled beamtime.
  • Users are responsible for the cost of transportation and customs clearance for shipments; C.O.D packages are not accepted.
  • Packages must be addressed to the permanent staff of the BioXAS-Imaging beamline.
  • To expedite outgoing shipments, you can make round-trip shipping arrangements from your home institution. Please advise Shipping and Receiving if you have made these arrangements.
  • Shipment Address

  • Gosia Korbas (or Viorica (Ibi) Bondici)
  • BioXAS-Imaging
  • Canadian Light Source, Inc.
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • 44 Innovation Boulevard
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Canada S7N 2V3
  • More details about Canada Customs, shipment label and packaging requirements can be found under Shipping.


Contact information of the shipping and receiving department

  • Open times: Monday to Friday 8 am- 4:30 pm (closed for breaks from 10-10:15 am, 12-12:30 pm, 3-3:15 pm)
  • Contact information : email , phone 306-657-3657
  • Location: go to the back of the CLS building where there are 2 large, overhead doors. Use the intercom next to the man-door to call Stores. The staff will answer and come down to meet them.

Experiment and data collection methods

  • Currently there are three methods to collect data at the BioXAS-Imaging beamline. We are still in the process of developing a more robust remote operation of the beamline.


  • Beamline staff collects data for the user. For this method users need to provide additional information about the samples, such as sample priority and images of region of interest (ROI). Scan parameters and imaging mode must be finalized before the experimental run.
  • Users should be available for communication with the beamline staff if necessary.

Remote access

  • Users are able to connect to the beamline computer through NoMachine and operate the beamline for data collection.
  • Beamline staff will mount and change the samples when it is required.
  • Method of communication is through Microsoft Team. Staff will be available for communication during beamtime.

Onsite access

  • Local users are allowed onsite to run the experiment following strict safety protocols to reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19. Onsite access is subject to change if the situation of the pandemic worsens in the province.
  • Must complete the Saskatchewan Health Authority self-assessment online within 48 hours before coming to CLS.
  • All users must wear face masks and must enter the facility through the main entrance.
  • Must sanitize beamline area or any shared equipment prior to use.
  • Users will receive the Beamline Specific Orientation (BSO) and training on how to mount their sample and operate the beamline.
  • Sign onto e-permit before the experiment.
  • During beamtime users are not allowed to visit other beamlines or office spaces, must stay at the BioXAS-Imaging beamline.

Beamline Specific Orientation (BSO) 

  • All the users, who are collecting data at the BioXAS-Imaging beamline, are required to attend onsite training specific to the beamline
  • This training covers all the hazards at the beamline, provides instructions on how to act in case of an emergency and how to operate the beamline safely
  • Beamline staff will provide the training usually before the beamtime starts

NOTE: Physical modification to beamline components/setup should never be conducted without explicit approval or assistance from the beamline staff. 

User area

There are two computers available at the beamline, the linux operating system is used to operate the beamline and collect the data and the windows computer is utilized to communicate with various cameras for beamline diagnostic and monitoring. 

user area

Sample mounting

  • Samples are mounted onto holders/frames at designated area at the BioXAS Imaging beamline

Sample visualization  

  • There are two microscopes available to check and indentify area of interest in your samples at the BioXAS Imaging beamline


Leica DM6000 microscope

  • Upright optical/fluorescence microscope
  • Transmitted and reflected light path
  • Contrast modes: DIC, phase-contrast, brightfield, darkfield, polarized light
  • Two cameras (1) colour for optical images and (2) fast monochromatic for fluorescence images

Leica S8 APO microscope

  • Stereozoom microscope (apochromatic optics) with camera

Keyence camera

  • Allows visualization of the sample and positioning the sample in focus