During Beamtime

 Beamline Specific Orientation (BSO) 

  • All the users, who are collecting data at the BioXAS-Imaging beamline, are required to attend onsite training specific to the beamline
  • This training covers all the hazards at the beamline, provides instructions on how to act in case of an emergency and how to operate the beamline safely
  • Beamline staff will provide the training usually before the beamtime starts

NOTE: Physical modification to beamline components/setup should never be conducted without explicit approval or assistance from the beamline staff. 

Sample mounting

  • Samples are mounted onto holders/frames at designated area at the BioXAS Imaging beamline

Sample holder


  • Can fit an array of samples of different size
  • Mounting a single large sample (approx of 25 cm x 25 cm) is also feasable

Macro-mode sample holders


  • Sample holder frame sizes are 1 cm (H) x 2.5 cm (V)


Nano-stage (under development)

Sample visualization  

  • There are two microscopes available to check and indentify area of interest in your samples at the BioXAS Imaging beamline


Leica DM6000 microscope

  • Upright optical/fluorescence microscope
  • Transmitted and reflected light path
  • Contrast modes: DIC, phase-contrast, brightfield, darkfield, polarized light
  • Two cameras (1) colour for optical images and (2) fast monochromatic for fluorescence images

Leica S8 APO microscope

  • Stereozoom microscope (apochromatic optics) with camera

Keyence camera

  • Allows visualization of the sample and positioning the sample in focus