Coming to CLS


  • In case you need accommodation during beamtime there are many hotels located in Saskatoon downtown or in proximity to the University of Saskatchewan
  • For more information visit Canadian Light Source

Facility access and training  

  • First, you need to register as a CLS user and in order to gain access to the facility there are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled, follow the instructions listed on the Canadian Light Source website
  • It is recommended to complete the training modules online prior to arriving to CLS because it would save considerable time during check-in at the User Service Office

Samples and Equipments 

  • All samples and equipment, which you are planning to bring to CLS, must be reviewed and listed on the proposal
  • Samples that are not on the proposal will not be permitted at CLS
  • Samples/equipments can be amended through the user-portal project page