Beamline components

Beamline layout 

The source of the BioXAS Imaging beamline is an in-vacuum undulator producing a high spectral brilliance. The overall design of the beamline consists of a collimating mirror, a fixed-exit double crystal monochromator (DCM), a post-monochromator focusing mirror and the Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) mirrors for micro-focusing the beam (micro mode).

 beamline layout 

Optics and hardware details




In-Vacuum Undulator (IVU) (Bruker ASC)

Max Current

250 mA

Average Beam Lifetime

8 h


  • Minimum Gap: 5.2 mm
  • Maximum Gap: 40 mm
  • Total Number of Poles: 164
  • Period: 19.1 mm
  • Total Length of Magnet Assemblies: 1600 mm
  • Peak field: 1.011 T


Minimum Energy

5 keV

Maximum Energy

21 keV


Optical elements

  • Pre-mono cyllindrical collimating mirror (M1): Si substrate with two reflective coatings (Si and Rh)
  • Post-mono toroidal focusing mirror (M2): Si substrate with Rh coating
  • KB mirrors: Si substrate with Rh coating


LN2-cooled constant exit height design (Kohzu)

  • Si(111)
  • Si (220), phi=0 deg



  • one 4-element Silicon Drift X-ray detector (Vortex-ME4, SII NanoTechnology)
  • one 3-element Silicon Drift X-ray detector (Vortex-ME3)
  • two single element Silicon Drift X-ray detectors (Vortex-EM, SII NanoTechnology)

Signal processing

Xspress3 (Quantum Detectors)