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Beamline Staff

Gosia Korbas
Senior Scientist/Project Manager
Office Location: 2069
Tel.  306-657-3859
Fax.  306-657-3535

Viorica (Ibi) Bondici
Associate Scientist
Office Location: 2069
Tel.  306-657-3707
Fax.  306-657-3535

 Setting up the Beamline end station 


Beamline Phone Numbers

  • 07ID-1 beamline: 306-657-3625

Local Emergency Contacts

  • The Floor Coordinator (3639)
  • Emergency (9-911)
  • University of Saskatchewan Security (9-306-966-5555)
  • CLSI HSE 24/7 On-call (9-306-227-3113)
  • CLSI HSE Normal Business Hours (3663)


Canadian Light Source Inc.
44 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, SK.
Canada. S7N 2V3

BioXAS Beam Team

Consists of a wide range of expertise and research fied: biomedical, geological, geomicrobial, environmental, toxicological, radiopharmaceutical.

Graham George U of S Team Leader
Ingrid Pickering U of S Team Leader
Helen Nichol U of S Member
Joyce McBeth U of S Member
Bogdan Popescu U of S Member
Eric Price U of S Member